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11 Reasons to go with Discount Trading

  1. We offer a completely FREE trading platform with FREE live streaming quotes. This trading platform includes a desktop, mobile, and web version. Demo our most popular platform now.
  2. We offer low margins to clients trading during both the day session and also the night session. See our margin page to see why we have some of the lowest margins offered in the industry.
  3. We have over 25 years of experience in the futures industry. Let us help you achieve your trading goals. Open your account now.
  4. We do not charge monthly inactivity fees. If you decide not to trade for a period of time, your account will not be penalized for inactivity. Some firms charge up to $100.00 in inactivity fees if you do not actively trade each month. Rest assured you will not be charged inactivity fees with us.
  5. We also offer customized solutions for the professional trader. We can guide you through the process of obtaining an exchange membership. Inquire about co-location servers and API solutions for advanced traders. Join us and we can help you reduce your costs and take your trading to the next level.
  6. Our commission rates are fully disclosed. This means no negotiating for the best commission rates. Trade futures with us for less! Commission rates $0.49 or less per contract (plus exchange, routing, and regulatory fee) for self-directed traders who require no broker assistance. Accounts requiring broker assistance will be charged a higher rate.
  7. View your account information online. Your daily statements are available electronically every morning.
  8. We offer over 20 different platforms to meet the needs of every trader. We offer some of the fastest trading software available today.
  9. Our VIP line is available for those that do not want a full service account, but need occasional experienced broker assistance. If you need help understanding order types, first notice dates, settlement times, contract details, premium calculations, market trading times, delivery procedures, margin requirements, or margin calls you can have access to our VIP team. Additional fees apply for VIP line access.
  10. You will have access to a 24 hr / 6 days a week trading desk. If you are away from your computer and need to place a trade we are available during all market hours. Overnight fees apply.
  11. We believe that speed, trust, and reliability are crucial to client satisfaction. Together we will create a solid foundation for a brokerage relationship you can rely on.