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Disclaimer: This third-party trading platform demo is designed as an introduction to the platform and its functionality. It is not intended to mimic trading results in a live trading environment. In an actual live trading environment, commissions and fees would be applied at the close of every business day, and an account statement would be generated. Daily statements and the associated fees are not applied within the demo environment and as such, those fees, which may have a material impact on your account, are not reflected in final profit and loss calculations within this demo. Other factors such as latency fill price and execution times may also differ from live trading results. It is not intended for this demo to be an accurate representation of actual profits or losses that may occur in a live trading environment. These 3rd party platforms generally supply the user with real-time market data, however that can change at any time and without notice. This data should not be considered an adequate approximation of the trading results or experience that may occur in a live-trading environment.

Rithmic Trading is Our Premier and Recommended Trading Platform Solution at Discount Trading

If you are seeking one of the best platforms for futures trading, we typically recommend Rithmic R|Trader Pro. At Discount Trading, we are able to offer this platform to our clients with Ultra-Low margins for free. If you want the lowest margin rates offered at Discount, this is the platform for you. Multi-Monitor Support - Pull out windows onto other monitors including charts and price ladders. Amazing charts, coupled with a fantastic Price Ladder - DOM and unfiltered direct access market data, make Rithmic an excellent choice for many different types of traders. Bracket Orders and very simple to use and implement. One click trading from charts and a price ladder is available. View all of your performance from a performance analyzing page.

Rithmic R Trader Pro Features

  • Multi-Monitor Support! Pull Charts and Trading Windows onto Multiple Monitors
  • Easy to use Bracket Order Entry System
  • Quote distribution is quick and clean (and the quotes are non-throttled)
  • Orders are routed FAST to CME Globex - CBOT, CME, NYMEX, COMEX
  • Flexible controls and windows
  • Change background colors, fonts, and sizes easily
  • Sophisticated order types are supported including Order Cancels Order (OCO) and Synthetic Stops
  • Easy to use price ladders - DOMs
  • Supports pulse order entry
  • All trades route over Rithmic’s routing infrastructure which is fast and efficient

Rithmic Data offers Low Latency Trading

The trading platform you use must be able to withstand large volumes of market data with the lowest possible latency. Having access to the right data quickly and consistently is a key to trading futures successfully! Rithmic provides traders access to one of the best routing and connectivity solutions. Rithmic data is fast and a reliable market data provider.

Rithmic’s trade execution software delivers to you the low latency and high throughput performance used by large trading houses and many large professional clients. Rithmic uses high paced dedicated servers co-located on the CME exchange for fast and direct access.

Rithmic R Trader Rithmic Pro

One-click trading from Chart and DOM

R Trader Pro includes a charting package with built-in studies, drawing tools, annotation tools, and configurable options for bar types, timeframes, and the amount of data to view on a single chart.

Server Side Trailing Stops, OCO Orders, & Bracket Orders

Your orders reside on Rithmic’s servers with 24/7 connectivity to the exchanges. If your computer goes down, your working orders do not.

R Trader Pro integrates streaming quotes and trade signal compatibility with Microsoft Excel. This allows traders to use simple Excel formulas and spreadsheets to manipulate data, create trading signals, or even real-time fully automated trading systems. View over 100 studies and stream them in real-time into Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheets. This is a great feature for system and indicator developers. With the power of Excel, you may develop your own indicators and, using Rithmic’s two way real-time interface, you may configure trades to be sent back into R | Trade Execution Platform through R | Trader Pro, automatically or with the click of a button.

Options Board for Futures

Options on Futures are available through the R Trader platform, and can be viewed and traded through the Options Board within R Trader. This allows traders not only the opportunity to look at the standard Futures markets but the Options on Futures markets as well. Options on Futures are turned off by default. Please ask a representative at Discount Trading about Option Trading over Rithmic.

Order History

Order history can be viewed, searched, and analyzed within R Trader directly from the Rithmic infrastructure.

Micro Second Timestamps

R Trader publishes all order transmission timestamps so that traders can see at what speeds they are interfacing with the exchanges. Many other platforms don't do this, and you can not see how fast your trades make it to the exchange.

Order Book

Market depth, price action, and simple order entry are all available through the Order Book. Bracket order templates, OCO orders, and other exit and entry strategies are also configurable via the Order Book - Price Ladder - DOM windows.

Rithmic Data Technology provides the speed, reliability, and unfiltered tick data necessary to compete in the futures markets. Traders around the world are discovering why professional traders demand Rithmic for their trading solution.

The Data and Order Routing Engine is co-located with the exchanges and core Internet carriers at one of the premier data centers in Chicago. This provides the network capacity to provide the maximum bandwidth, speed and reliability needed by all types of traders and institutions. The engine was built to support as much data as the exchanges can distribute and route orders in less than 100 milliseconds. Over 18 major Internet carriers are used to ensure network availability when individual Internet carriers fail.

All hardware and network components were built with redundant backups configured to fail-over seamlessly in the event of hardware failure. Load balancing and scalability was a key design component resulting in a system that can accommodate 1,000’s of users without issue.

Unfiltered Tick Data

Many traders have experienced latency and delayed market updates but few were aware how little of the actual market movement they were seeing even when their platforms appeared to be “keeping up” with the market. Most systems are unable to keep up with volatile markets and compensate by dropping price data only sending the latest updates – sometimes referred to as “filtering.” This helps keep the prices current but doesn’t provide a true look at the markets.

Rithmic provides unfiltered price data. This can easily be seen during active market periods such as economic releases, but is also visible during slower conditions when automated systems are seen rapidly placing and canceling orders at particular price levels. The “fluttering” can often cause the actual quantity to become a blur as it updates in real-time.

Robust Managed Infrastructure

With no single point of failure, the Rithmic network operates on a fully redundant, professionally managed infrastructure monitored around-the-clock by the industry’s leading engineers. Co-located on the same floor as the major exchanges, the data center provides the ultimate routing and connectivity solution for the fastest and most reliable market data and order routing solution.

Easily scalable to accommodate massive amounts of traders, the hardware and software powering the engine are designed to take full advantage of all available resources on any server added to the farm. Utilization is constantly monitored and additional resources are easily added without service disruption.

Evolving Technology

Staying on the leading edge of speed and reliability means constant research and development of new network, hardware and software technologies and designs. Rithmic is constantly searching for and testing new solutions to provide a faster and more robust means of processing as well as transporting data.

Rithmic | API

R | API is a collection of C++ and .NET software libraries and interface definitions. Developers and screen designers incorporate R | API into their proprietary software to gain access to R | Trade Execution Platform. R | API™ provides its callers with a normalized view of market data, reference data, and of order and execution reports across all supported exchanges. Additionally, R | API exposes R | Trade Execution Platform’s time stamps which have µsecond granularity, enabling a proprietary algorithmic trading program incorporating R | API to make its own latency calculations on which it may take appropriate action.

The Rithmic Advantage

Rithmic puts your trades first. Whether you are a beginner or a professional trader, Rithmic’s trade execution software delivers to you the low latency and high throughput performance formerly seen only by the very large trading houses and boutique hedge funds.

Build and Deploy Your Own Systems

Build your own trading programs with R | API or R | API+, or build them over FIX. Deploy them on your machines co-located* with our equipment and servers.

R | Trade Execution Platform

Connect your trading programs to R | Trade Execution Platform™ our fully hosted multi-asset trade execution platform. Or reserve a deployment for your exclusive use in your data center or in ours. Rithmic operates and maintains all deployments of its software on your behalf.

Rithmic Monthly Connection Fee

Platform Fee: R|Trader or R|Trader Pro - FREE

Rithmic Monthly Routing/Connection Fee - $0 for clients trading more than 100 round turn contracts per calendar month. $25 for clients trading less than 100 round turn contracts monthly.