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Disclaimer: This third-party trading platform demo is designed as an introduction to the platform and its functionality. It is not intended to mimic trading results in a live trading environment. In an actual live trading environment, commissions and fees would be applied at the close of every business day, and an account statement would be generated. Daily statements and the associated fees are not applied within the demo environment and as such, those fees, which may have a material impact on your account, are not reflected in final profit and loss calculations within this demo. Other factors such as latency fill price and execution times may also differ from live trading results. It is not intended for this demo to be an accurate representation of actual profits or losses that may occur in a live trading environment. These 3rd party platforms generally supply the user with real-time market data, however that can change at any time and without notice. This data should not be considered an adequate approximation of the trading results or experience that may occur in a live-trading environment.

Unrivaled Graphics and Analytics - Get a clearer picture of the markets. CQG IC offer traders a large number of chart types, all offering easy-to-use features. More than one hundred studies as well as statistical functions are available to provide sophisticated mathematical analysis.

Trade Execution Made Easy – CQG makes it easy to enable customers to efficiently trade the markets through their products. These trading applications offer features specific to the professional trader's needs.

Sophisticated Trade System Development Tools- Test your ideas before you trade on them. This trade system package allows customers to analyze past trading activity and then design and test strategies. Automated execution is available through CQG AutoTrader.

Portfolio and Instrument Monitors - CQG leads the way in integrating critical functionality for traders. The Portfolio Monitor offers both trade routing tools with an expandable depth-of-market view of the exchange order book and chart studies and conditions using different chart types and time intervals in a single view.

Expert-Level Options Analysis - Experienced traders know that to make the most of the options markets, you need sophisticated options analytics to gain an edge. CQG IC places powerful analytical modules at your fingertips for that very purpose.

Market Data- CQG global market data is fast, accurate, and reliable. Their high-speed, consolidated market data feeds deliver real-time and historical data from over seventy-five global sources.

Market Data & Quotes
Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Charting Included
Extended Historical Data for Commodities (Daily continuation & expired daily contracts) Included
Intraday Charting Database (3 Months) Included
RealTimeData (RTD) Microsoft Excel® Included
Quotes  All types included
Time and Sales Included
Portfolio Time and Sales Included
Order Ticker Included
World Clock
Charting, Data Visualization, and Technical Analysis
Multiple Chart Types  All types included
TFlow® Included
Time-Based TFlow Included
Technical Indicators and Tools Included
Formula Toolbox  Included
Alerts All types included
Portfolio Monitor and Instrument Monitor Included
Signal Elevator Included
Basic Commodity Options Analysis  Included
Tom Joseph Elliott Wave Study and TJ Indicators Included
Order Book Analytics Included
Algo Order Study  Included
Window framework
Multiple Monitor Capability  Included
Multiple Charts Per Page Included
Window Linking Included
CQG Trade Routing
CQG Trading   $250
API Trading $245*
CQG Spreader - Includes CQG Trading $1400
AutoTrader (Includes Backtesting & Trade Systems Package)* $250
User Defined Options Strategies Requires Advanced Options package if not enabled for Trading or Spreader

Optional Features

Optional Data and Analytics
Extended Intraday 18 Months $30
Extended Intraday (All) 5+ Years $75
Market Profile® $73
Market Scan™ Search Portfolios for Entry Points with User-Defined Conditions $125
Back-testing Trade Systems Package $250
Advanced Options Strategy Analysis, Options Graph, and Volatility Workshop $125
API Historical Includes 300 Daily Bars, 1000 ID Bars, and 2 Days of Time and Sales Data $100
API Historical Extended Includes 1000 Daily Bars, 10000 ID Bars, and 10 Days of Time and Sales Data $300
API Historical Extended Plus Includes 4000 Daily Bars, 40000 ID Bars, and 20 Days of Time and Sales Data $1000
API Real-Time Data $45
CQG M Real-Time Data via HTML5 on Your Mobile Device/Web Browser Access included
Remote Access LAN Only $95
Additional Study Packages
ATM Trader By Capital Markets Research $995
Bullish Consensus® By Market Vane $50
DeMark Indicators® By Tom DeMark $500
DiNapoli Level Studies By Joe DiNapoli $100
Footprint® Charts and Studies by MarketDelta $129
SMR Studies® by Security Market Research $150
StatWare Corporate® by Cynthia Kase $700
StatWare Private® $195
Profitunity Wiseman® By Dr. Bill Williams $200
Optional News and Advisory Services
Dow Jones News 
Commodities Basic Overview-Futures / Commodity Markets $70
Commodities Service Comprehensive-Futures / Commodity Markets $140
Energy Service Global Energy Markets $115
European Equities Spotlight Extensive Coverage of European Companies $90
Global FX & Fixed Income News Market-Moving News and Information on the Currency, Debt, and Fixed Income Markets $190
Global Markets News Stock Market News, Commentary, and Analysis $205
News Service Available in North America Only $175
Dow Jones Australia / New Zealand Available in Australia / New Zealand Only $83
Dow Jones Bolsa Portuguese $74
Dow Jones Bourse French $155
Dow Jones Forex Russian $155
Dow Jones Global German $155
Dow Jones Nieuwsdienst Professional Dutch $129
EFE Dow Jones Professional Spanish $74
MF Dow Jones Professional Italian $237
Economic Calendar of Events $20
The Hightower Report by Dave Hightower $70
MNI Fixed Income Select Real-Time Global Fixed Income Coverage $99