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Disclaimer: This third-party trading platform demo is designed as an introduction to the platform and its functionality. It is not intended to mimic trading results in a live trading environment. In an actual live trading environment, commissions and fees would be applied at the close of every business day, and an account statement would be generated. Daily statements and the associated fees are not applied within the demo environment and as such, those fees, which may have a material impact on your account, are not reflected in final profit and loss calculations within this demo. Other factors such as latency fill price and execution times may also differ from live trading results. It is not intended for this demo to be an accurate representation of actual profits or losses that may occur in a live trading environment. These 3rd party platforms generally supply the user with real-time market data, however that can change at any time and without notice. This data should not be considered an adequate approximation of the trading results or experience that may occur in a live-trading environment.


The CQG M desktop product is the next generation of CQG Trader. This product offers​ the basic features and functionality that CQG Trader customers are accustomed to with CQG's superior charts, analytics, and data visualization, now available in an HTML5, browser-based platform.

Cloud-Based Desktop Platform

The goal for the CQG Trader has always been to provide customers with a high-performance market data and electronic trading platform. CQG has a next generation product that will take your trading to the next level.

Key Features

  • Charts and Analytics
  • DOM Trader
  • HOT - Hybrid Order Ticket
  • Quote Board or Quote SpreadSheet
  • Orders and Reports window

Need a mobile app?

No problem.

All current CQG Trader customers can add CQG M mobile version for no additional charge.

CQG Trader: Streamlined, Intuitive, and Precise Service

The platform is streamlined for speed, eliminating charts and keeping the DOM, quote board, and order management systems prominent for the trader. It’s the perfect platform for someone who doesn’t need or is already working with charts, and keeps the most vital information in the forefront of the platform.

CQG Trader Features

  • DOMTrader®: Provides market transparency and intermarket and multi-market trading.
  • Order Desk: Attaches to any CQG application, such as quote boards or charts.
  • Order Ticket: Includes buy and sell buttons and enhanced visibility of the net change and volume
  • Quote Board: Displays the open, high, low, and close values

Consolidated Market Data

CQG delivers a high-speed consolidated market data feed covering multiple asset classes. Dedicated teams in five locations across the globe actively maintain real-time and historical data quality. CQG Trader handles ever-increasing market data volumes, so you don’t have to.

Decision-Making Tools

Powerful, flexible, and easy to use, CQG charts and studies combine with the best real-time and historical market data in the business to provide traders with critical insight into market activity.

Server-Side Tools

Spread orders, orders into aggregated markets, and smart iceberg orders are managed on CQG servers collocated with exchange matching engines.

Orders and Reports

The Orders and Reports summary displays your: Account summary, Cancelled orders, Exceptions, Filled orders, Open positions, Parked orders, Purchases, Sales, and Working orders.

Multilingual: A World of Trading Possibilities

CQG Trader has your key to opening the world of business. Trading is a universal passion. Non-English speakers can take advantage of using trading applications in their languages.

Available Languages: Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Turkish.

CQG Trader / CQG M (Mobile) Included
Pricing $25 per month + $0.25 per filled contract, $395 cap

Trading: Getting Started

Before you begin trading it helps to know how to enter symbols and choose accounts. You should also familiarize yourself with order types, order sizes, and DOMTrader modes.

Traders working with units rather than lots will find details about configuring the xml conversion file and other information about units trading.

Account permissions and routing options determine whether your account is able to trade particular symbols.


Entering Symbols

On Quote Board and Quote Spreadsheet, symbols are entered directly in a field. Go to a cell, and type the symbol.

On DOMTrader and Order Ticket, the symbol entry field becomes visible only when you start typing a symbol:

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Tradeable Symbols for Demos

AP SFE SPI 200 (S&P ASX 200) Index - ASX 24
CLE Crude Oil - NYMEX
DA6 Australian Dollar - CME
DXE Dollar Index - ICE US
EDA Eurodollar - CME
ENQ NASDAQ 100 Index - E-Mini - CME
EO3 Three Month EONIA Swap Index - ICE Europe
EON EONIA (1 Month) - ICE Europe
EP S&P 500 Index - E-Mini - CME
EU6 EuroFX - CME
FSR OAO Sberbank Rossii - Moscow Exchange
GLE Live Cattle - CME
GSB Soybeans - TOCOM
H Medium Gilt - ICE Europe
HE Lean Hogs - CME
JGB Tokyo 10 Year JGB - OSE
JY6 Japanese Yen - CME
LED 3 Month Eurodollar - ICE Europe
LGS Short Gilt - ICE Europe
MJNK Mini Nikkei 225 - OSE
QBA Five Year Euro Swapnote - ICE Europe
QE EURIBOR, 3 month - Pit - ICE Europe
QE2 EURIBOR Mid-Curve 2 year - ICE Europe
QEA EURIBOR, 3 month - ICE Europe
QEO EURIBOR Mid-Curve 1 year - ICE Europe
QFA FTSE 100 Index - ICE Europe
QGA Gilt Long - ICE Europe
QLA Ten Year Euro Swapnote - ICE Europe
QNA Euroswiss, 3 Month - ICE Europe
QS Short Sterling, 3 Month - Pit - ICE Europe
QS2 Short Sterling Mid-Curve 2 year - ICE Europe
QSA Short Sterling, 3 Month - ICE Europe
QSO Short Sterling Mid-Curve 1 year - ICE Europe
SIE Silver - COMEX
TFE Russell 2000 Index Mini($100) - ICE US
TWS Two Year Euro Swapnote - ICE Europe
TYA U.S. 10 Year Treasury Note - CBOT
USA U.S. 30 Year Treasury Bond - CBOT
WAW Western Australia Wheat - ASX 24
XJO Mini S&P/ASX 200 Index - ASX Trade
YM Dow Jones - $5 Mini - CBOT
ZLE Soybean Oil - CBOT
ZSE Soybeans - CBOT
ZWA Wheat - CBOT

Setting Preferences

Preferences include:

  • Order and Position Settings govern order behavior, such as whether stops or stop limits should be used as a default; what the default visible size value should be for iceberg orders; and what the maximum values for order and position size should be to minimize risk.
  • Display Configuration parameters govern if and how elements are displayed on the trading applications, Quote Board and Quote Spreadsheet, and Orders and Reports window.
  • Order Placement settings govern the choice of trading application, the display (buttons and columns), and the enablement of order placement options.
  • Quote View settings allow you to choose your preferred display: quote board or quote spreadsheet and to customize the columns.
  • Notifications allow you to identify when and how you are notified of events relating to your system and orders.

Quote Board and Quote Spreadsheet

CQG Trader has two quote displays: Quote Board and Quote Spreadsheet. You choose which display you’d like to use (Setup > Preferences > Quote View).

Quote Board organizes data in rows and symbols in stacked columns:

Quote Spreadsheet organizes symbols in rows and data in columns:

You select the data to display.

When you switch between displays, column settings are not changed. For example, if you have Settlement on Quote Spreadsheet and switch to Quote Board, Settlement is displayed only if it is selected in Quote Board preferences.

Both quote displays have tabbed windows. Changing the display for one tab changes them all, that is, you cannot mix Quote Board tabs and Quote Spreadsheet tabs.

Green text indicates positive net change, while red text indicates negative net change. Black text indicates a net change of zero or unavailable data. Black text can also indicate that the instrument is not enabled for real-time data.

A green underline indicates a new high, while a red underline indicates a new low.


Market transparency is vital for trading on the electronically-traded futures markets. DOMTrader provides that market transparency as well as the order routing functionality traders need.

DOMTrader is comprised of a depth-of-market ladder that displays a range of bid and offer prices; the best bid and offer with size; and trading tools, including order type selectors, buy and sell buttons, quantity buttons, and cancel buttons.

In Order Placement preferences, you choose whether to display DOMTrader or Order Ticket.

Up to three instances of DOMTrader can be added to the CQG Trader window. To add a DOMTrader, click View, then click Add DOMTrader view.

Depth of Market (DOM) column

The column to the immediate right of the price column is the Depth of Market column.

The data in this column is continuously updated while the market is active.

This column is optional. To display it, go to Setup > Preferences > Order Placement and select the Order Book for each price check box.

Price column

The center column on DOMTrader ladder is the price column. This column is always displayed.

The best bid and best ask are indicated by green and red highlighting. Notice the black rectangle around those prices; it highlights the spread between the best bid and best offer. This highlighting is helpful when the best bid and ask are separated by several prices.

Recent trade sequence is represented by circles of varying size indicating the prices that have been active most recently. The larger the circle, the most recently that price was traded. Recent trade sequence is optional. To add recent trade sequence to the display, go to Setup > Preferences > Order Placement and select the Recent Trade Sequence check box.

The last trade indicator shows whether the last trade was higher (up arrow) or lower (down arrow) than the previous trade.

Pre-open indicative volume and price are represented like this:

The ladder also displays an open position indicator that corresponds to the average open position price (green for long position, red for short position):

Order columns

The columns to the far left and the far right of the ladder are the order columns. These columns are always displayed.

Watermarks, seen here as STP and LMT, are optional. Other options include order quantity and buy/sell. To display watermarks, go to Setup > Preferences > Order Placement and select the Show watermark check box.

When you drag a price to either column, a visual representation of your order is displayed.

Orders and Reports

The Orders and Reports pane allows you to cancel and modify orders as well as view comprehensive order and position data.

There are three components to Orders and Reports: the Working Orders window at the top and the Orders and Reports windows at the bottom. Use the tabs to move between Orders and Reports windows.

If you would like to display only the trading window and the quote display, you can hide Orders and Reports: Click View, then click View Orders & Reports to clear the checkmark. You can also click the close button in the upper-right corner of the Orders and Reports pane.

Setting Order Placement Preferences

These settings allows to you choose whether to use DOMTrader or Order Ticket for order placement, which columns and buttons to display on the trading applications, and which order placement methods should be enabled. You can also choose the price scale behavior for DOMTrader and font size for Order Ticket.

DOMTrader or Order Ticket

Click the button for either DOMTrader or Order Ticket to choose which is displayed in CQG Trader.

DOMTrader or Order Ticket Columns

Select or unselect the check boxes to choose the columns that are included on DOMTrader or Order Ticket.

DOMTrader Additional Features/Order Ticket Split Market Tool

This image is from DOMTrader preferences. Order Ticket has only one additional feature: split market tool.

These features are on by default.

To remove the Split Market tool from the display, unselect the check box. Learn more about the Split Market tool

To remove the net change or cumulative volume from the top-right corner of the window, unselect the relevant check box.


If Confirm orders before submission is selected, then confirmation messages are displayed when any order is placed, modified, canceled, or activated. This setting is on by default. If this setting is on and disabled, your FCM does not allow you to skip confirmations.

You have the option of showing confirmations only when multiple orders are impacted by the action or only for bracket orders.

If Enable order comments is selected, an order comment field is added to the confirmation window. In order to add comments, confirmations must be enabled.

DOMTrader Price Scale

For a dynamic price scale, select the Dynamic Price Scale button. The current price stays centered on DOMTrader window.

Order Ticket Font Size

Select Small, Medium, or Large font size.

Function Buttons

Select the check boxes to choose the buttons to include on DOMTrader or Order Ticket.

DOMTrader: Order Ticket:

DOMTrader Order Placement Methods